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Clinical Supervison

My approach to supervision is relational.  My framework for supervision is based in my proficiencies utilizing my professional experience of nearly 30 years leading group therapy, working with CBT, EMDR, attachment focused therapy, solution focused therapy, relational therapy, and insight oriented therapy.  My goals for supervision are always to build amazing clinicians who have a strong foundation from their graduate education and practicum experiences, cultivate amazing learning opportunities in rich clinical settings, explore evidenced based practices in a therapeutic environment, and to prepare LMSW's for advanced licensure and the business of private practice.

"I have had the privilege of knowing Tammy and her exceptional work since 2013. Our professional paths crossed when she participated in an EMDR training that I taught, followed by regular consultation that led to her EMDRIA Certification. From the outset, Tammy demonstrated herself to be a highly experienced, skilled, and dedicated clinician. I promptly began referring clients to her and was consistently impressed by the positive feedback I received.

Over the years, I have gotten to meet and develop professional relationships with many of the social workers whom Tammy has supervised, first during their EMDR training and then post-training consultation sessions and ongoing. It was in this realm that I discovered Tammy's less visible talents: her ability to identify LMSW's with the potential to excel as therapists, and her willingness to then invest the necessary time, energy and extensive knowledge as supervisor to help them grow into confident and gifted therapists.

I have witnessed firsthand the blossoming of these therapists under Tammy's guidance as she helps them develop the knowledge, skills, and resources and to gain the experience needed to navigate the complexities of the profession and to thrive in this work. These are therapists with whom I now collaborate, regularly refer to and appreciate as trusted colleagues. She is a supervisor to consider."

Rick Levinson, LCSW

EMDR Trainer

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